Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Our commitment

The Sirio Hotel distinguishes itself on a day-to-day basis for the premium quality services offered in full respect of the locality in which it operates and the natural environment that surrounds it. Our activity is founded on the sense of responsibility that we wish to show our guests and staff.

To be able to provide a premium quality service, it is of course necessary to understand and sufficiently meet the needs of each and every guest. This awareness is not only born of many years' experience in the sector, but also from within: we are aware of the need to be mindful of the cultural backgrounds of all, in the same way that we are sensitive to our guests' requirements.

To cite just a few examples, we use recycled paper and have adopted the use of appliances to reduce potable water and energy consumption; we believe that these are just some of the areas where we are committed to making a tangible and positive difference. We will continue to work on similar initiatives and share everything with our guests. Our most important aspiration remains your complete satisfaction!

In 2016, we supported the following associations: OPERA SAN FRANCESCO PER I POVERI, VIALE PIAVE 2, 20129 MILAN

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